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View Diary: Senate vote won't end ethanol subsidy but could mark the beginning of the end (58 comments)

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    No reason that the Amazon can't support sugar cane.
    They've grown sugar cane in Guyana and Suriname  for 250 years.

    •  Guyana and Suriname... (2+ / 0-)
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      ...aren't in the Amazon.  They've also grown sugar cane in Pernambuco for 400 years.  Still, not the Amazon.

      Here's a map:

      Red is current sugar cane plantation and pink is areas with potential to grow sugar cane.  The biggest environmental concern seems to be with the Paraguay River watershed and the Pantanal (see the diagonal lines near the center of the image).  Some areas in Mato Grosso are also part of the Amazon basin watershed, though not in the actual forest.  These areas would also be off-limits if the 2009 bill is finally approved.

      Article 196. Health is the right of all and the obligation of the State, guaranteed through social and economic policies that provide... universal and equitable access to programs and services for its promotion, protection, and recuperation.

      by SLKRR on Fri Jun 17, 2011 at 07:47:38 PM PDT

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