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View Diary: Keith Olbermann's Conference Call (49 comments)

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    •  Not working (0+ / 0-)

      It shows the view screen & the chat box.
      In the middle of the view screen is the Adobe allow/Deny box
      A commercial runs behind it.
      It will not allow me to click on either allow or deny-nothing happens. Right click does nothing-no options panel appears
      Commercial ends & see black screen w/ CTV logo with the adobe box in the middle.
      I turned off my ad block, script block, ghostery. I updated my java and adobe flash. I allowed everything.

      It will not do anything when I click on allow/deny.
      There is no live/video stream playing-just the logo and A/d box.

      Did this work for you? Are you able to see whatever show is currently airing on CTV?
      I see it has only been up a few days.
      Win7 64 pro

      flash pages on Kos work fine.

      So much for my dream Boehner vs. Wiener 2016 showdown...

      by Sark Svemes on Fri Jun 17, 2011 at 05:41:46 PM PDT

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