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  •  I kind of hate to admit it (4+ / 0-)

    But in the case you described, I sort of agree with what Bachmann said.  I'm not sure that (in the long run) bailing out the banks was the best thing to do.  After all, those same corrupt corporations are still alive.   And maybe it would have been better to let more of them fail, to be replaced by new (hopefully, more prudent) managers.    

    A person who really believes in capitalism could hardly disagree.  

    This whole idea of "too big to fail"(and our government protecting such institutions) doesn't sit well in my gut.  I think we might be better off if we let them burn and saw what arose from the ashes.

    I dunno.

    •  This is just the sort of framing (3+ / 0-)
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      TokenLiberal, Paulie200, Sneelock

      that appeals to so-called Independents.  All she really needs to do is take Iowa, finish a strong second in NH, and take SC and FL to almost secure the nomination.  If she succeeds, Democrats and liberals will continue to focus on her wacky religious views and then whine, wtf as she begins pulling ahead in the general.  

    •  Rest assured that Bachman is wrong. (3+ / 0-)
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      mmacdDE, Hard Left, Sneelock

      Bachmann is as-wrong-as-she-can-be.  

      There were three choices:

      1-Bail out the mega banks (where your bank and your business/employer goes to get money, eventually) and also bail out operations like those run by rapacious financial clowns, such as AIG.

      2- Nationalize them temporarily, disassemble them into smaller units, so they both function better for themselves,  their share holders/owners, and engage in actual competition and capitalism, not tools of oligopoly. Also, and most importantly,  so that they don't present the clear-and-present-danger and existential threat  that they do to the Republic.  THEN return them to the free-market-lovely-wonderful-world of capitalism, in a way that works as advertised, and not like some third world oligarch run economy.  (How could we justify that level of intervention in "free" markets? Let me point out that when al Qaeda hit us, they caused low trillions in follow on damage.  Our own financial institutions did more damage to the economy of the Republic than they did.  You can argue motivation all day long as far as culpability, but at the end of the day we all suffered from the actual consequences, no matter the intent.)

      3.  A depression in the western world almost as bad as the great one of the late '20's.  If you think things are bad now... they're not nearly where they might have been had the mega banks failed.

      What SHOULD have happened was 2, above.  The next best choice, and the only viable one politically, was the first one, bail the rapacious evil muther 'effers out.

      What should be happening right now, post economic near-apocalypse,  is at least part of the scenario in 2.  But forget that, even some people on a site like DKos think Bachmann and the insane wingnuts are right.

      I'm not given to nihilism or pessimism, but it seems there is no hope.

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