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    If the diarist posted a first comment, it was a tip jar no matter the label. If the diarist posted a comment labeled "tip jar" it was obviously a tip jar.

    If someone who was NOT the diarist posted a first comment labeled "tip jar," that person was said to be hijacking the tip jar. Typically this was done by trolls or others in need of mojo as a means of gaining mojo they didn't deserve.

    That's the origin for the concept of hijacking the tip jar. Before automatic tip jars were implemented, the punishment was hide rating - which had more meaning than it does currently (as a matter of fact, your comments could be rated on a scale from 0 - 4, which led to a whole different bunch of meta over whether a comment deserved that "2" or "3" or  ...).

    After automatic tip jars were implemented, this was no longer possible. Since the implementation of automated tip jars, a small cadre of people have mistakenly kept the concept of hijacking the tip jar, but without the context of the way the site used to work, and thus seem to have decided that it must mean a comment in response to the tip jar.

    It has never been site policy to disallow comments in response to the first comment - even when that first comment is the tip jar.

    Note: I had to eliminate my low-number UID due to a real-world stalker. I've been here through every site iteration, including the switch over from SoapBlox to Scoop, and every major pie fight/meta war.

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