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  •  McCotter Wows Moonbats (5+ / 0-)
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    BTW, I knew Michigan's Thaddeus McCotter would impressive the wingnuts:

    Washington- U.S. Rep. Thaddeus McCotter railed on big government, cap and trade climate change policies and President Obama's health care law in a speech before an enthusiastic conservative audience in Minneapolis today.

    The five-minute appearance before the RightOnline Conference garnered a standing ovation and caps a weekend tour for the Livonia Republican who has been raising his national profile while hinting at a presidential run.


    He only ended up getting 2 votes out of 2,000 conservatives in a strawpoll - dead-last place - but anything to get him out of Michigan is a good thing, and it seems like further evidence that he may end up not running for the new Michigan 11.  It'd be hard for a Dem to win, but any open seat is a contest in a district like his.

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