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  •  ignorance in the school system (9+ / 0-)

    when i was in public school,, there was maybe 10 minutes on labor and it was a long the lines ofr "triangle shirtwaist fire happened, workers went on strike some other places, national guard called in."  I'm still ignorant of America's labor history, but I'm learning all the time exactly just how shitty working life was back in the days.

    A modern day movie of The Jungle is what we need.  That was powerful enough, visceral enough to make people react.

    •  I don't know; if (4+ / 0-)
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      somebody thinks 20000/year is enough and has a rationale for it, it's likely that the fear campaign by capital is really effective.  In other words, I doubt that woman really needs to learn more about the union, she's simply scared to death of making 0 after being laid-off.

      From Neocon to sane- thanks to Obama- and Kos.

      by satrap on Sun Jun 19, 2011 at 06:57:41 AM PDT

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      •  perhaps for her it seems equal... (0+ / 0-)

        get low pay, get food stamps...
        get more pay, don't need food stamps...

        she probably ends up with the same bottom line either way -- and, yes, not rocking the boat means she keeps her shitty job.

        What crappy choices so many Americans have today.

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