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  •  Nuclear -- Yes! (none)
    I'd like us to use the nuclear option,which as I gather is essentially a variant on the filibuster itself.  But I'm for it for a different reason.

    Of course I'm against confirming unqualified people to lifetime judgeships.  Who isn't?  And if the Repubs want to be in favor of it, fine.  It's our job to resist.

    My reason for wanting to go nuclear is strategic.  To me, the Repubs threat to do away with the filibuster is music to my ears.  A la B'rer Rabbit, let's bemoan the potential death of the filibuster!  Let's sucker them right into shooting themselves in the foot!  (Two mixed mataphor PLUS a messed up literary reference -- I should get a job at the NY Times!)

    Anti-democratic (little d) measures like the filibuster and its ilk are no friend of ours.  Sure, in the short term it'd be great to stuff one down W's throat.  But I'd much rather return to power with these tactics roundly condemned and no longer available.  They have historically been much more useful to the forces of evil than to those of good, and in truth they are at variance with the constitutional scheme. for the constitution, let's talk about making some changes there.  Senate Reform, anyone?

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