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View Diary: Next Battle: Bush's Judicial Nominees (102 comments)

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  •  You are... (none)
    ...100% on target.  The only way to win this is the way that we're winning the (poorly orchestrated) assault on Social Security.  We have to get the constituents of each of these nutjob senators to call their offices, and the only way to do that is to tie these judges with extreme injustice.  Racism, Anti-sportsman/environmentalist, anti-personal liberty.
    •  Good luck... (none)
      I abhor the idea of W. renominating these folks but I don't see where taking these judicial candidates' prevous rulings to the public will accomplish much.  90%+ of the electorate couldn't give a rat's ass about the prior rulings and positions of these folks much less understand them.  Geeks like us care but the average Jo(sephin)e doesn't.

      The only way it might be possible is if you tie them ALL together as an issue.  There's no way that you're going to fight them one-by-one.  The public isn't going to keep things straight between Owens, Boyle, Saad, Griffith etc.  Even if it's the whole issue of the unfairness of the nuclear option, it's got to be something catchy enough to grasp quickly.

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