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View Diary: Arizona Republicans in favor of spousal rape (16 comments)

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  •  Their logic doesn't even make sense (4.00)
    Wouldn't raising the penalty associated with the crime make people LESS likely to file false reports?      

    And anyway, isn't the issue of false reporting ENTIRELY separate from the issue of appropriate punishment?  I mean, you can falsely accuse ANYONE of ANY crime, why don't we lower all the punishments for everything just in case someone is falsely accused?  I wonder how Arizona republicans feel about American citizens who are falsely accused of being terrorists?  Maybe you should just go to counciling if you're convicted of robbing a convenience store.  After all, some crazy woman might be making stuff up to punish you!  How about 18 months for murder?  Kidnapping?  Torture?!  After all, those crazy women will say ANYTHING!

    Their reasoning is idiotic.  These fuckers are anti-woman, plain and simple.  

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