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  •  It is growing new or bigger ones and allocating (1+ / 0-)
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    isabelle hayes

    them as we speakhere  in the Jordan Valley. And there are more articles about cutting down olive trees in more places, and  the usual run of things such as destroying this house or that well.

    The problem with leaving any of this to Bibi is that his new schtick is separation,described here that he has to have all the people he considers his, no arabs allowed, in Israel, and all the arabs separated and somewhere else, which seems to be part of the reason he has been howling for a week or more that what Abbas MUST say is that Israel is a specifically Jewish state, now that he has said who will not be allowed in said state. The question this poses, of course, is where the arabs are supposed to go including those who are Israeli citizens, as the WB gets fuller and fuller of extremist Israeli settlers, for whom it is not clear there is even room in pre 1967 Israel.

    Then there is Bibi's orders to make the conditions in Israeli prisons for arab or Hamas prisoners more difficult  in order to get some sort of leverage on something, perhaps driving a hard bargain on Gilad Shalit's release, but perhaps not, and rather making life more difficult for those who may end up with high places in the new Palestinian government, given that they were elected to it previously.

    On top of which there is just now cranking up a religious vs. secular battledescribed here in part which is throwing off its own riots, about rabbis who approved the King's Torah and which group will effectively have ruling power in the coming times. And anotherdescribed here which reopens the question of which of the subgroups of Jews shall be described as such on their identity cards,  not Reform or Conservative, despite whatever the High Court in Israel has said about that. And another investigation there about the Rabbis of Safed who invoked Jewish religious law to demand that no homes be rented or sold to arabs, which has been bubbling along for some time.

    Then there is the flotilla.

    My concern right now is that any one of these could explode into a separate horrendous mess atop the struggle to get a peace deal done before September. What makes it most frustrating was the article today in the Israeli papers, I didn't save it, which indicated that about sixty percent of the actual folk on both sides would really like that deal to get made, although the Palestinians also really like going to the UN.

    •  The flotilla vs. the peace process (0+ / 0-)

      It should be obvious that the original organizers (the IHH) of the flotilla wanted to torpedo the peace process. They are linked to Hamas and other terror groups (which don't want negotiations.

      •  So much bargaining (5+ / 0-)

        goes into the process that everyone seems to forget about the peace.

        Gershom Gorenberg puts the Israeli right wing and Hamas in the same grouping of those who are working against peace.  Israel is committing suicide with the settlements.  With no place to put a Palestinian state, there will only be one state, and it will either be Jewish or democratic, but being both is impossible.

        When shit happens, you get fertilized.

        by ramara on Wed Jun 29, 2011 at 06:50:11 AM PDT

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