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  •  Mindlessness vs Mindfulness (1+ / 0-)
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    Oh Mary Oh

    I try to remember to practice the latter.  Americans, in my experience, suffer from mindlessness to an alarming degree.  They live in the now, they fail to plan a lot of the time.  (I'm aware there are people who plan and the plan fails, but you'll admit that's not the majority...)  They get in the car and just go, without planning a route or combining errands, or driving at a moderate pace.  Zooming in and out of lanes is commonplace, as is speeding, as is tailgating.  They practice the mindlessness of endless, cheap fuel prices and the 'birthright' of Americans to drive inefficient cars.  Mindfulness includes careful planning, maintenance, awareness and gentle practice.  It also includes involvement in politically lobbying our government for increased fuel standards and fuel alternatives, or even fuel tax increases.

    What I find, though, is most people prefer mindlessness to mindfulness.  They find it less hassle in the short term, and they're not particularly bothered with the long term. - my website that details my efforts at living a green, minimalist and low waste lifestyle. :-)

    by xysea on Thu Jun 23, 2011 at 05:44:07 AM PDT

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    •  I always plan and make lists as that makes (0+ / 0-)

      me feel more comfortable and secure to plan for everything and then have a backup plan too should somehthing go wrong.

      My husband is getting more like that the longer he was married to me. He used to never plan and was very disorganized and just lived in the moment. As he ages , he is becoming more organized.

      But I was taught to plan ahead and to have backup and emergency plans.   I noticed I am better at this than my sister but it could be because I was the oldest child and I listened closely to all Dad said. She was the kid who ignored my parents a good bit of the time.  LOL But she is more independent and she chose to remain single to be more independent and she is a tough gal but she never plans ahead.

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