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View Diary: Congressman McGovern's response to President Obama's troop drawdown announcement (95 comments)

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  •  So exactly whose decision is it to keep more (6+ / 0-)

    troops there or bring them home?

    Did Congress have a vote on this that I missed?

    My point is that he said this and that on the campaign trail solely to win the election.

    If he said something like, Every American will have peach ice cream in their homes, and it turns out that people are allergic to peaches, we wouldn't be saying:  Well, he said he would have peach ice cream in every home.

    His words hardly ever match his actions.  He says this and that, but doesn't follow through.

    Just because a broken clock is right twice a day doesn't mean that his current war plans are good for the country.

    His job is to recognize and adapt to our own situation at home, and he certainly hasn't taken any steps to do so.

    To every millionaire who decries they don't want their grandchildren paying for the deficit, I say: PAY MORE TAXES NOW and your grandkids won't have a deficit burden.

    by gooderservice on Wed Jun 22, 2011 at 06:11:57 PM PDT

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