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  •  I used to be a big fan of police in general. (0+ / 0-)

    Until someone pointed out that if there were so many good cops and these cops were really good then why aren't they the ones outing the bad cops?

    Its always video or pictures or the media doing it or IA.  I've never heard of a case where a fellow police officer informs on their partner or anyone else or where a police officer arrested or restrained another officer who was violating the rights of a citizen and that is what good cops would do.  Instead we see cops trying to seize cameras, pass laws protecting them from public view laws and arresting, beating, and intimidating people who catch them behaving badly - with the full support of their department and DA.

    This is shit and has been shit for a long time.

    If you're a good cop then you need to tell other good cops to start acting like one.  

    That means refusing to perform no knock warrants - commenting on how the militarization of police is a serious issue, correcting other officers when they act like they are not civilians (unless you are currently in the military you are one), reigning in officers and reporting them when violating the rights of citizens...and on and on and on.  Surrendering the idea of qualified immunity would be a great first step.  Ignorance of the law is ok for you in blue but not for anyone else?  Yeah equal protection my ass.

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