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View Diary: Progressives in Congress: Immediately End Our War in Libya (11 comments)

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    Gaddafi represents the Trojan Horse for all the backward, tyrannies that exist in the Mid East. This war started as a peaceful protesyt against austerity and Gaddafi escalated by lethal means, murdering his fellow libyans with tanks and missiles.

    That means uarmed civilians were massacred.
    When Army units in Benghazi refused to fire on their own families, theiur own people, Gaddafi unleasghed air power and all the violence (under the leaderrship of two of his sons each commanding an armed brigade) against them.

    The Progressive caucus should suck it up and come clean on what it is they are doing here and elsewhere on MidEast questions.

    Are they going to take the same wash their hands of it all stance on Syria, where massacres are taking placve every day?

    President Obama decided at the last moment that a massacrte in Benghazi, a city of nearly a million people under the inaction of the USDA which has commercial ties with Libya would be wrong.

    Support the call for Gaddafi to leave, support the pressure to make him do so and allow the Libyans to reconstitute their country  on a fair and level playing field, not some hideous partition or failed state with a permanent peacekeeping presence. Nobody in America wants that. And most Libyans want a fair shake not an imposed default dictator pushed back to rule over them.

    cast away illusions, prepare for struggle

    by Pete Rock on Thu Jun 23, 2011 at 01:06:41 PM PDT

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