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  •  The bankruptcy bill (none)
    should have logically pitted protection of individual interests against further encroachment from corporate campaign contributors brazenly engaged in the exercise of flaunting their quasi decision-making powers. The fact that this dichotomy never developed, as well as the strong support in favor of this industry-authored legislation among Democrats in the Senate, reinforces the often stated creed pertaining to little difference existing between Democrats and Republicans.

    I've changed my registration to the Green party and have sent $36, a rather nominal contribution for which I receive party membership, the national newsletter and full standing. The meme pertaining to voting for third party candidates being a vote for a Repug is hogwash. Greens picked up 74 additional local and state offices in 2004 and I hope that number continues to rise as the party is gaining some truly outstanding candidates.

    Granted, becoming a contributing member of a forward-thinking progressive party with no corporate strings attached for its own sake isn't everybody's cup of tea; nevertheless, I feel more empowered than I have at any time in the last quarter century as a registered Democrat. Futhermore, I'm in no way restricted from voting for any particular Democratic candidate in a general election.

    Bottom line: it's my wallet and vote. Whether it be Green or Democrat, both count and will go were I wish: Neither will be wasted in the process regardless of my choice.  

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