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    First, yes anti-war protests DO threaten the status quo. Roughly half the population in this country is against this war. The more people get into the street and say so the harder it is to maintain the false appearance of consensus.

    Of course these are difficult times and protest is demonized. But to draw the conclusion from that that it reinforces the satus quo is absurd.

    Second, you have a pretty fragile vision of "the rule of law and principles of democracy" if you think they are threatened by strong protest movements. You want an opportunity to test your "I'd do it if we lived under an authoritarian regime" approach? Well just keep on disparaging the free exercise of your rights and your opportunity might come quicker than you think.

    Finally, maybe John Kerry would be President if everybody sold all their worldly posessions and gave them to the DNC or gave up beer for a year or stopped wasting time watching sports or who the hell know what else. The suggestion that it was protest activity that distracted people from the "real" task is puerile. I know a ton of people who have busted their asses as protest organizers who busted their asses for Kerry just to watch the chump refuse to even put up a fight over Ohio, because guess what? -- he too is scared of people in the streets.

    "Tell no lies. Claim no easy victories." -- Amilcar Cabral

    by Christopher Day on Fri Mar 11, 2005 at 04:21:54 PM PST

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