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View Diary: Arab-Islamic apartheid world bigoted 'apartheid' slur campaign upon multi racial democratic Israel (64 comments)

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    my ass you are who you say you are.

    What the hell are you implying? You might notice I'm of those strange birds who blogs under my real name.

    Not gloating at all. I was responding to a comment claiming that I was bothered because the diary received a lot of support. So I pointed out that it would have received a lot more support, including from me, had it been written by a more credible source and written in a more honest way.

    If, say, Heathlander had written it, it would have received 500 recs, and not just because it would have been better written.

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      Recommended by:
      JNEREBEL, volleyboy1

      Heathlander has written a diary like that:

      Restoring The Palestinian Voice To Daily Kos

      You can count the recommenders yourself, if you wish:

      tgs1952, pb, Paul in Berkeley, Bernhard, Private Keepout, litho, wonkydonkey, ask, servantsavant, redrobin, Fernando Poo, venice ca, weasel, ybruti, mattes, StupidAsshole, Steven D, greenskeeper, davidincleveland, Freedom, Alegre, anonymousredvest18, yogishan, jon the antizionist jew, podster, sofia, tony the American Mutt, npbeachfun, melvin, poco, Freedomlovingpatriot, Dayspring, Ptah the Great, ActivistGuy, tbetz, play jurist, ormondotvos, Copeland Morris, callmecassandra, thepdxbikerboy, Red Sox, bigchin, possum, howardx, lemming22, james risser, Terra Mystica, suicide blonde, amyzex, Chilean Jew, ocdiamond, AshesAllFallDown, Diaries, zashvil, fatbyjhnsn

      It's also worth pointing out that of those recommenders, if I count it right, nineteen have since been banned, some for antisemitism. Others just for being assholes, of course.

      Fuck me, it's a leprechaun.

      by MBNYC on Fri Jun 24, 2011 at 03:05:35 PM PDT

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