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View Diary: Same-sex marriage bill passes in New York (320 comments)

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  •  More like 44 years after Loving vs. Virginia (4+ / 0-)

    After the Supreme Court issued a landmark ruling against miscegenation laws prohibiting people of different races from marrying each other, another chapter for human rights was written today in New York as they passed the same-sex marriage bill.

    I find it ironic that the event which triggered the move to legalize same-sex marriages was the Supreme Court decision was Lawrence vs. Texas (2003), which basically only guaranteed that the state couldn't barge into a person's private bedroom and arrest and imprison them for committing a consensual sexual act.  At the time, most gay people were just looking for the court to protect their privacy rights.  But immediately after the Supreme Court decision, ultra-right wing conservative and religious groups railed against the ruling, saying that this would pave the way for gay couples to get married.  But by stating publicly their opposition to gay marriage before it even became an issue, it allowed more rational people to consider what was so wrong about gay marriage (nothing) and eventually led them to encourage the passing of same-sex marriage statutes.  So I guess in a way we should thank all the homophobic bigots for pushing to have same-sex marriages recognized and legalized.

    •  Marriage equality was already an issue (2+ / 0-)

      by the time Lawrence rolled around. After all, the Goodridge case was finally decided by the MA Supreme Court only a few months after Lawrence and given how slowly the courts work, that particular suit would have been around for several years beforehand. And don't forget that civil unions in Vermont were the result of a lengthy court battle to get marriage equality there, one that culminated three years before Lawrence.

      My main concern is that when we see a victory like this, we not forget all the years of behind-the-scenes work that made it possible, work that was being done at a time when it looked to a casual observer as if nothing was happening.

      "We recommend, as a precautionary measure, that people with respiratory infections should be advised not to blow their vuvuzela in enclosed spaces and where there is a risk of infecting others."

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