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View Diary: Same-sex marriage bill passes in New York (320 comments)

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    Look it's not that I think that the rights of LGBT people are not important. I'm happy that they did this here in my home state, and that gay servicepeople are finally being accorded the respect that they are due. My point is just that it's an easy win for Cuomo or Obama in the sense that it costs them very little and it gives them something they can point to come the next election period. What about the rights of the hundreds or thousands of "enemy combatants" in Guantanamo? Why is it still there? What about the rights of the poor and disabled here in New York who are being sytematically ground down by all the cutbacks in public services? Cuomo campaigned as this great crusader against Wall Street but the truth is he is just as much in their pocket as every other big time politician. I'm just annoyed by the hypocrisy of these guys pretending to care about "Human Rights."

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