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View Diary: Heartwarming Bipartisan Support for the Libya War (59 comments)

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  •  Damn, quick. Name some other countries we (2+ / 0-)

    can invade? Iraq is winding down, supposedly. Afghanistan is going to be going another decade or two, with $400 dollar a gallon gas for the military in Afghanistan. Boy, are we lucky here in the good old U.S.A. with gas less than 5 dollars a gallon. Whew!

    But we need a full scale war in Libya. It's the only way the MIC and the huge corporations that feed off the public teat can survive. We need a war, damnit! A big one like the Bush 3 trillion dollar war in Iraq fought with borrowed money.

    All of us dumb ass Democrats have forgotten all of the wonderful achievements America accomplished in Iraq. Remember we, uh, uh...., well, ask the neocons. They can tell you about all of the good stuff we did. I'll bet Lizard Cheney can cite chapter and verse, straight from old Dick's mouth.

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