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View Diary: President Obama wants Wall Street's money, but he needs working America's votes (274 comments)

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  •  Sometimes I wonder how bad it has to get (23+ / 0-)

    before the Democratic Party divorces itself from people who give them advice who don' t care if a Democrat is ever elected to high office or if the party holds a majority ever again.

    Michael O'Hanlon on Iraq during the Bush years. Michelle Rhee on education "reform". Tim Geithner on banking.

    You follow their advice, and you are helping the GOP by moving the jumping off point for discussions in the country to the Right.

    These are the types of people who "help" Democrats.

    They could also do pretty much everything they do, without changing a thing, inside a Republican administration.

    Given what has happened in Wisconsin, Ohio, Florida, and Michigan, it seems like DC is ripe to assume "oh, yeah, they're all mad now". But. Labor isn't really going to take another round of "we suck, but the GOP is worse". I don't believe for a second that Organized Labor thinks of the institutional Democratic Party as a check on GOP overreach or excess. If anything, the Democratic Party is depending on that overreach to substitute for the Democratic Party having to make a pointed and contentious counter-argument to the failed policies of Movement Conservatism to the nation.  

    The Democratic Party is perfectly fine with winning by default, and then going back to chasing the middle and the sacred bipartisanship that must be chased no matter what.

    2010 was a warning.

    You can't berate or scold people into believing in you, and winning by default because the GOP sucks can be undone if you don't deliver. 2006-2011 wasn't spent discrediting the GOP, it was spent waiting for the GOP to fuck up so badly that you look reasonable by comparison, which isn't the same as winning the argument with Movement Conservatism.

    I think the Democratic Party is assuming that Huntsman and Romney will be destroyed in the GOP primary process, but even if they aren't, that Obama really can't lose in 2012.

    I think that what is at stake is that, at the exact moment that the Democratic Party should be putting the GOP on the cross over the Paul Ryan plan, they are courting disaster by negotiating major Medicare cuts and kissing Wall Street ass to get money at a time when millions of people who are screwed without them doing their jobs are noticing they are screwed because Democrats aren't doing their jobs. At least what they say is their jobs when they are running for office and need working class people's time and money.

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