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View Diary: President Obama wants Wall Street's money, but he needs working America's votes (274 comments)

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    I do not understand the calculus that electing totalitarians will either strengthen or help to reform government (in a positive way, at least).  Bringing more tea partiers and their ilk into positions of authority will lead to cuts in a broad range of social services.  Those who are most vulnerable will be the most affected.  It sounds audacious, but I believe that a personal refusal to fight such an outcome, when you have the ability to do so, is evil.  An individual who understands that the reasonable result of empowering these assholes is that more people will die and does nothing to resist (let alone were she to enable such a thing) is complicit in evil.  

    War will not decrease under the republicans, neither will "death by spreadsheet", the pillaging of our resources, nor the suffering of the poor.

    I do not consider myself an apologist for incrementalism, though some may and will label me as such.  I am, however, an apologist for the position that all people are worthy of respect and dignity, and that as a participant in this society I am obligated to protect and defend those natural rights most specially for those who lack the power or means to do so themselves.  I will not sacrifice whatever comfort they may have now for the sake of teaching political lessons of bad decisions and consequence.  

    Am I a participant in a violent, coercive, and immoral political system already, since the democratic regime is guilty of perpetuating the same societal ills that I believe the conservatives practice?  Yes, I am.  Does that make me a hypocrite?  No.  I write in absolutes because I strive towards the telos of an equitable and just society, whilst living in the context that has fallen to me.  I will vote for Obama and other worthies not because I love war, or poverty, or any other vice; but because I believe there is a reasonable expectation that his government will do the least harm.

    My calculus may be cynical, but I believe it to be defensible.

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