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View Diary: President Obama wants Wall Street's money, but he needs working America's votes (274 comments)

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    Show me where I asked about Joe Blow's investment portfolio.  I would actually agree with you that Joe Blow is most likely not heavily invested if that was what I was saying.


    Main Street consumers vote and support companies, and the subsequent politics, by their CHOICES concerning where they spend their money and whom they work for.  This inconvenient truth is being almost completely ignored.  The buy local people are probably the majority of the exception because they show an awareness of where their money goes.  It's not what's the matter with Kansas.  It's what's the matter with America.  It's hypocritical for Main Street to fault Obama for taking money from Wall Street when Main Street consumers are funneling money to the very interests they claim to oppose and fear Obama would support.

    •  alas, the only way to avoid buying corporate (0+ / 0-)

      products is to live in a cave and eat roots and berries.

      Good luck with that.  

      •  What's Wrong with Frequenting Corporations (0+ / 0-)

        Sympathetic to Liberal Causes?  What's wrong with making intelligent political and economic choices with the personal budget?

        Caves and berries are a non-solution because it avoids rather than engages.  Change requires engagement.

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