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  •  NATO is in the pockets of the US (1+ / 0-)
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    Obama tried to sneak the US out of the "leadership" role in regards to the military actions in the Libya and other countries experiencing civil uprisings and civil wars by "letting the NATO allies do" what they "are obliged to do as members of the NATO", putting a lot of moral pressure and inciting feelings of guilt on those allies, who don't want to go along with it.

    Gates has bitterly complained about how little the NATO allies are paying into the allieance and how often they try to sneak out of "doing the dirty work of actual getting their boots on the grounds and fight" in wars the US is interested in fighting, so to speak.

    Media talk about tensions between the US and Germany, Merkel having to dance around the fact that she doesn't agree with military actions. You know, we have to feel guilty these days to not engage in wars or helping the oppressed in other countries to free themselves by playing the big brother, big weapon, good uncle liberators while causing a mess along the way for thousands if not millions of civilians all over the world.

    From a moral point of view all of it goes in the wrong direction and many dishonest arguments are brought forward. May be it's time to get rid of NATO and the war powers act and rewrite and redefine both from scratch. They are outdated and are not suitable anymore to solve today's civil war conflicts and fight against guerilla-style terrorist activities.

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