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View Diary: War Powers Resolution is not optional (188 comments)

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  •  Power corrupts (3+ / 0-)
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    Yes, I'd rather have President Obama than President Bachmann, but the rule of law means that all Presidents must get Congressional approval for any war - remember that FDR got a declaration of war after the devastating attack on Pearl Harbor. We have finite resources and a public that thinks short term and then demands scapegoats when problems surface. The corporate controlled Congress will mostly not cooperate with Obama. That means no new military adventures - not in Syria, North Korea or Iran.
    Our system has failed.

    Either we emphasize killing and intimidating foreigners (always in the name of some greater good) or we emphasize social justice at home (which in my view would demand that all citizens pay some 'tax' or contribution to society and the rich pay much more than they now do). We are killing Libyans while curtailing medical services for Americans – a double evil.

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