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  •  How about a new Consitutional Convention. (1+ / 0-)
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    The Constitution needs to be re-written to adapt to the changes of the last 250 years.

    When the Constitution was written -- we didn't have a global society or weapons that could destroy whole armies or and international banking system or air travel that can place any person anywhere on the planet in 48 hours.

    And we didn't have giant corporations with all the rights of individuals and none of the responsibilities.

    Any of us could think of reasons why the current Constitution is way out of date and tending toward dysfunctional.

    It's time to re-write it.  And one of it's first provisions is that it should be re-written every 100 year or sooner.

    •  Thats plain dumb (1+ / 0-)
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      It is not the constitution that is the problem, it is the professional life long politicans (and to some extent lifelong politically appointed judges) that bastardize the document.  No matter who rewrites a constiturion, whatever new document comes about will be victim to the same bastardization of unwise, greedy, self interested men and women...

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