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View Diary: CT Gov. Dannel Malloy on the long view of governance (153 comments)

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    Single payer had the votes in CT, but failed when a committee chair (Daily or Staples, it's unknown which) pulled a legislative maneuver to prevent it from coming up for a vote. The next year, an incremental plan (moving to single payer over time) was introduced with the name of "Sustinet", which was supported by then-candidate Malloy, who went so far as to condemn the sitting governor for her veto of the planning board. This year, with the plan, the votes (and, supposedly, the governor) in place, Malloy withdrew his support.

    You'll forgive me, I hope, for forgetting some of the betrayals, as they've compounded over time.

    You're right about the DLC being washed up, but it's a shorthand for a certain type of Democratic politician who favors privatization, wealthy and financial-service sector interests, and tax-incentive based development to the interests of labor, the poor, and the small-business based economy that a robust service sector promotes. If we haven't learned from that history, we're doomed to have the rugs pulled out from under us like countless idealists that have come before.

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