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  •  Hells bells. (8+ / 0-)

    I liken your diary to one of those fun houses at a carnival on whose walls mirrors distort the image of passersby.  

    Dan Choi is a significant voice in several battles regarding men and women in the military who happen to be lesbians or gay men.  You aren’t beholden to agree with Choi’s exact positions on any issue, but do keep in mind that the outcome he’s pushing for is worth the push.  “Insipidity” is disproportional diction to whatever character flaws you perceive him to have, and don’t forget either that all of us are mortals and that many of us are trying to do the right thing.  

    Andrew Cuomo had one of the most impressive weeks in remote or recent memory on the subject of advancing marriage equality.  Across the nation there remains a great deal of work to be done but Cuomo delivered the goods in New York this week and the repercussions nationally are likely to be significant and mostly positive.  Some cheering is defiitely in order.  IMO, a great deal of cheering is in order.  Cheering – and praise.

    Many or most of us reading on this site are strongly pro-union.  We would prefer that Democrats and other progressives we volunteer for and vote for also hold that position; many do; some don’t.  We navigate through a landscape where politicians remain politicians.  It’s our responsibility and privilege to choose among them to decide which most closely aligns with our vision of citizenship and nationhood.  Cuomo does not match every progressive’s perfect political profile but he is owed emphatic praise for his achievement in New York this week.  

    If Senator Gillibrand walked into a room of progressives at this second, it’s my best guess that most of them would stand up and thank her for her part in making this legislation for marriage equality an official law of the State of New York.  I would most certainly hope to be one of those standing to praise her and thank her.

    There’s a great deal more to be gained by working in the service of progressive causes of all kinds than there is in attacking one guy whose approach and profile does not accord with your expectations.  The 21st Century is still kind of young.  I say let’s give it a little time and see what shakes out.  

    •  I was going to rec this comment... (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      liberaldemdave, Remediator

      ...solely for the well put-together response to this particular diary. I mean, seriously, I'd be pretty pissed off if I were living in a time and place where my very existence is seen as an abomination by the people that're supposed to be governing me. Hell, let's not even go into the "fierce advocacy" of our president and his less than stellar ability to live up to the standards implied by that particular statement of his.

      Though I have my bones to pick with the President, much like Lt. Choi, his anger is understandable.

      What really made this comment awesome and an instant +1, instead of simply good (pardon my tangent-jumping), is the Dresden Files nod in the title. ;)

      Hell's Bells, indeed.

      •  Ace Nelson, you are a lot more (0+ / 0-)

        gracious than I was clear, and I thank you for that.  

        I'm in the market for a far more socialist agenda than either major party in the U.S. is likely to deliver in my lifetime, although I'm not unappreciative of the gains made, this week by Cuomo and Gillibrand and others, as they do represent a heightened citizenship.  

        The people volunteering in those politicians' office over the past many months to get this legislation through are owed my thanks and respect.  At the other end of the same process are the weasels at FOX News, "loosening the bolts in Noah's Ark," to steal Robert Bly's fine phrase.  

        FOX has the bullhorn.  But those volunteers did the real work.  

        All good wishes to you.

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