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View Diary: Never Mind the Dangerous Insipidity of Dan Choi (42 comments)

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  •  There are Achilles' heels to the tallest legs. (8+ / 0-)

    BFSkinner, not surprisingly, we agree.  Music isn't your only home turf.  You know your way around the socio-political theater as well.  

    We can't demand that Choi and Sheehan be note-perfect.  If we do, we then have to match that perfection, and I have no prayer of even getting close.  

    It's asking a lot of anybody to be a "hero," at least in noun form.  To me, it's a better quest to find what is 'heroic' in humans, the more delightful if they are not felt by a majority to be heroic, but discoverable by the rest of us as being heroic in their commitment to doing what is right.  

    Choi is a principled man whose life narrative has had and probably will continue to have positive impact on the lives of many women and men he will never meet.  His coming out as an officer was heroic.  I hope the original diarist will consider that commitment to doing what is right also involves fighting for one's dignity.  Choi was a servant before and during his capacity as an officer long before he was in the public eye.  

    Just my take on this.  But I did also want to say that it is wonderful to see you toggle so effectively between those music threads and the national political front.  

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