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View Diary: It's OK To Be Unpatriotic if your Xtian...But not to be Un-Xtian if you're Patriotic? (35 comments)

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  •  You apparently didn't read them... (2+ / 0-)
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    RockyMtnLib, leevank

    ...or else you would have noticed that your diary, which is built on the logic that those who are refusing to sing the Star-Spangled Banner are the same people who want to impose their religious beliefs on the rest of us by using the violence of the State, is completely and totally refuted by the undeniable fact that Mennonites are not theocrats, and explicitly reject theocracy and violence as a basic tenet of their theology.

    (You also got some pretty significant facts wrong about the National Anthem itself.)

    This diary made it clear that your apparent complete ignorance about the diversity of ideologies present in American Christianity is no obstacle to your posting a piece that puts that ignorance on display for the world to see.

    Your responses to the criticisms of this diary have made it clear that you would prefer to remain ignorant, rather than allow those who actually do know something about the thing you're writing about to educate you so that next time you might actually make the distinction.

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