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View Diary: What Every Progressive Should Know About Andrew Cuomo Before Jumping on the '16 Bandwagon (244 comments)

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  •  Hadn't heard about "privatizing medicaid." (2+ / 0-)
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    Apparently google hasn't either, because I didn't find much in the way of hits on it.

    •  I will guess that "privatizing Medicaid" (14+ / 0-)

      is the shift out of fee-for-service Medicaid into managed care. Under Cuomo's plan, services previously excluded from managed care will now be offered under that umbrella and more services will be covered under the capitated amount.

      the Budget expands the number of services that will be included under the capitated rate paid to managed care plans. Under current law, managed care plans are responsible for providing most medically necessary health care services to their enrollees, with three notable exceptions. Prescription drugs, home care and behavioral health services are carved out of the managed care package currently, meaning that providers are reimbursed for these services on a fee for service basis. This year’s budget eliminates the carve-outs for prescription drugs and home care. Behavioral health services are to be covered by Regional Behavioral Health Organizations.

      You can find more here.

      More services under managed care means more Medicaid spending decisions made by insurance companies.

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