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  •  Hey Sooth... (7+ / 0-)

    Once again, a terrific diary.  I struggle mightily to understand how people can support state sanctioned murder.  Not in my name... particularly when it is clear that in a racist, sexist, classist and heterosexist system, those who will be disproportionately impacted will be the most marginalized among us.  So again, thank you for this diary.

    I would also like to share the call for proposals for a very important project - The Chicago Torture Justice Memorials.  Here in Chicago in the home of John Burge, this project is a reckoning with respect to police torture and an attempt to honor all of those who RESISTED.  For any artists, writers, community members, you are welcome to submit your poetry, music, songs, art pieces, videos, films, etc... to the Memorial project.


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