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  •  The funny thing is (5+ / 0-)

    that stuff like this is more common than most of us would expect.  When I first finished college, I was an office manager and was responsible for hiring people.  I was hiring CSRs, payment processors etc.

    I would say a majority of the people that I interviewed act in some way inappropriately.  They would wear jeans, show up late, or call me something inappropriate like "Chief" or "Buddy."  If I have my way after you are hired, you can wear shorts and flip flops to work (or even stay home and work) but if you are not able to care enough about the job to dress like an adult for the interview, then how can I expect you to take the job seriously?

    Same thing goes for potential employers.  I know that there are a lot of people out there that will take any job under any circumstances right now and I would in their shoes too but I have seen a lot of potential employers act badly.  I have had interviewers make me wait for hours at a time with no excuse or apology, show up in jeans and t-shirts for an interview etc.   These are usually the jobs that I get calls for recruiters for every 6 months because the person that they hired quit.

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