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  •  She is a thief as well regarding music (10+ / 0-)

    Tom Petty is ordering a Cease and desist order for her using American Girl.  He did the same thing against Governor GW Bush.  The song was I won't back down.
    Well these folks need to learn about copyright laws.
    When I put out the Take it Back CD.  I played 30 seconds of Reba 's Take it Back Hit.  I had enough sense
    to contact Fever Pitch Music and pay royalties which are not cheap....300.00 for 30 seconds and not an endorsement ....I had to pay the Writer...Kristy Jackson.

    I am pretty aware in the music biz as one of my close relatives is one of the largest music producers in Nashville or was until he retired a couple of years ago and told me flat out..Get the permission in writing and pay the royalty.  Kristy Jackson and Fever Pitch Music gave me access to the song.    I became fairly good friends with Kristy and now I can use that song for any Take it Back  doings I do.  I did put a bug in her ear when I started birdogging that I suspected teapariters were using the song.  She immediately stopped that.

    For your listening pleasure on my 300 bucks from 04.  Here ya go...Kristy performing her hit

    We the People have to make a difference and the Change.....Just do it !

    by Vetwife on Tue Jun 28, 2011 at 07:21:17 AM PDT

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