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  •  a cold virus doesn't care whether you want... (0+ / 0-)

    .... to spread it or not, when you sneeze in someone's face.  It sees an opportunity to spread, and it does.  Because that's what viruses do.  Whether you want them to or not.  

    Republican viruses work the same way.  

    You don't have to "want" to spread Republican viruses any more than you have to "want" to spread cold viruses.  They spread because that's what viruses do.

    If "a tsunami of scathing criticism" is what you call a threat, I'd hate to see how you react to a real emergency, like a tornado or a hurricane or an earthquake or even a snow storm.  

    In any case it's a prediction.  Want to place a bet on that?  Subtracting out, of course, any "scathing criticism" I might happen to level, and even any threads in which I happen to appear!  

    If you believe in your position, you'll gladly wager up to the proverbial legal limit.  But a coupon for one large pizza will do, my favorites are Arinell's in Berkeley and Zachary's in Oakland, let me know your favorites and we're on.  Loser pays and leaves coupon at the counter for winner to pick up using their dKos userID whenever convenient.  

    As for accusations, I'm accusing you of not covering your mouth when you sneeze.  

    Something similar happens with stomach bugs.  That's why public bathrooms in England are posted with signs saying "Now wash your hands."  At first, the victorian prudes were all aghast at even the suggestion of posting those signs, because, well, it was offensive! and insulting! and unspeakable!  A few more epidemics later and the signs went up, and then the infection rate went down.

    Sanitation, vaccination, civilization!  

    •  Thanks for the "mental hygiene" lecture (0+ / 0-)

      Thoughts aren't viruses. Expressing them is what this site is all about.

      The only Republican virus here is the one you're carrying: The idea that nobody may withhold his vote for a politician of his own party no matter what he thinks of that politician's policies. Reagan's "11th commandment" for Rethugs, as I remember.

      Thanks awfully for the pizza offer, but I'll keep on thinking for myself and voting the way I decide.

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