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View Diary: Minnesota government could shut down Friday if no budget agreement is reached (48 comments)

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  •  He did compromise (9+ / 0-)

    quite significantly. But it appears he's drawn the line in the sand at this point, as the GOP hasn't compromised AT ALL. There was talk on a local public television show called Almanac (I think you can watch it online) that they're working on closing various loopholes, etc. to get to the 35 billion. Which still isn't the 35.8 billion. But it was frustrating to hear talk of the Democrat compromising again. But it was all speculation and I'm proud, up to this point, that he's both been willing to work with Republicans and been willing to draw a line in the sand. Obama could learn a thing or two from our Governor.

    Anyone else notice how the GOP literally turned into economic terrorists the second Citizens United became a reality? The second they no longer had to be held accountable to anyone. And there is no longer such a thing as a "local" Republican. They are ALL using the exact same playbook and being sent their talking points and their directives from the exact same people. It's so sad.

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