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  •  I know someone like that 6 yr old. (11+ / 0-)

    That's the problem.  People like prosser, walker, koch bro's, etc. are egocentric, narcissistic, id-mongers with sociopathic tendencies.  They care not about anything, except what's in it for them.  They epitomize selfishness and greed, and never care a wit about consequences.  After all, they are empowered by billionaire brats who have more money than brains and covet nothing but more money and power.

    Now, my 6 yr old is clearly NOT all that I described the CONs above, but, see, she has me and her father teaching her right vs. wrong, and she's learning about consequences of her actions.  The id-mongers have never felt the wrath of consequences like most of us have in our lives.  They're above it all.

    If you don't know why GREED and GLUTTONY are two of the Seven Deadly Sins, just look at the Republican Party and their Corporate Masters to understand why.

    by Shaking the Tree on Mon Jun 27, 2011 at 05:26:59 PM PDT

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