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View Diary: Christian Post Commenter on NY Marriage Equality: "Lock and load, Christians." (286 comments)

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    Chrislove, The Red Pen

    I am taking off the gloves with those who don't support LGBT rights like marriage, adoption, etc.  I'm going to call out every single person who does not support it.

    Because anyone who takes issue with gay rights (i.e. doesn't want the gays marrying) IS A BIGOT.  Plain and simple.

    If your religion tells you it's bad, then YOU can control yourself and not do it.  But you have no right to tell others what to do.

    FUCK this makes me so angry and people always look at me sideways when I get passionate about LGBT rights because "you're straight" (referring to me).

    SO FUCKING WHAT?!  I can't believe in equality for all people on the planet because I'm not gay?!  So I take it white people can't possibly want racism against other races to end, and there are no men who want misogyny to end either?!

    ARG SILVIA SMASH! ::Hulks out::

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