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View Diary: Disingenuous Chart, Dishonest D.A. (Weinergate) (28 comments)

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  •  I'm not sure it's serious opposition research (0+ / 0-)

    After all, Patterico didn't even have much to do with this chart.  He didn't believe a think John Reid was saying, either, repeatedly correcting anyone who claimed he was buying John Reid.  The point was to let the audience view the evidence unfiltered.  As far as I know, the audience almost entirely concluded that John was phoney, of course.  

    Anyway, the comments about Seth Allen seem really disturbing to me.  He's not a stalker just because someone sued him.  The guy who sued him, Brett Kimberlin, is a serial litigant who has filed hundreds of bogus lawsuits.  What I'd like to see is hard evidence that Seth stalked anyone.  I've seen him accused a few times, but they always seem to point to Seth trying to point out that Brett as lying to people about being exonerated.

    There's been a lot of material published about Brett Kimberlin, most of it from democrats (Seth is a democrat too, I might add).  If it's true Seth is a cyber stalker, then that means there is hard evidence to show us.  something worse than Seth pointing out the truth about Brett Kimberlin, who after all, was convicted of serious felonies and then claimed to be a drug dealer to Dan Quayle (and this claim was proven to be a con of a gullible but honest democrat, Mark Singer).  I just finished reading the book, Citizen K: The Deeply Weird American Journey of Brett Kimberlin.  It's really interesting.

    We have to be really careful about what we believe if it's sourced from Brett.  As far as I can tell, the claim he's been stalked by Seth is entirely based on Brett's word.

    Is Stranded Wind like Mark Singer?  An honest democrat activist/journalist believing convenient lies?  I don't want Stranded Wind to be fooled and see his credibility tainted.  Really, associating with Brett Kimberlin at all is really embarrassing.  Passing what Brett claims about stalking seems horrible too.  Stranded Wind has failed to back up his repeated accusations about Seth, and merely repeats the accusations.  Shouldn't he have some evidence first?  I think Brett is trying to ruin the good name of an honest democrat.

    Remember what got this all started.  Seth found a screenshot showing Brett and his associates showing support for Pat Buchanan (a long while ago before Pat was totally irrelevant).

    Brett Kimberlin has no political ideology.  The right might hate him, but the truth is that 99% of Brett's victims have been democrats or liberals who believed what Brett said and were left responsible for believing his claims.

    I mean... the charge of cyber stalking would make any honest person want to defend Brett.  It sounds serious and drives emotions.  But why aren't we seeing screenshots of this stalking?  All I've ever seen are questions about why Brett supported extreme right wing politics and lied to democrats about his criminal record.

    I even went so far as to do a criminal records check on Brett.  This guy was the Speedway bomber.  An innocent man picked up a gym bag (he was trying to report it lost) Brett was conclusively proven to have placed a bomb in.  The horrible injuries to this man led him to commit suicide.  Brett, in prison, conned America into thinking he was Dan Quayle's drug dealer, but conveniently, the lie was exposed just before the election.  Think about that timing.  Do you really think Brett was trying to help democrats?  Either he was trying to help himself, or he's not even on your side.

    That's why I'm concerned about the lack of evidence being shown about Seth, who again, I have interacted with online for a long time and would be shocked if he's anything but a progressive.  Sure, he's no fan of the DLC or establishment democrats, but this doesn't mean he's conservative.

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