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View Diary: WI Recall: New Daily Kos polling shows path to victory (122 comments)

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  •  I love the usually very sober analysis here ... (4+ / 0-)
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    LordMike, Skaje, Matt Z, itskevin

    But some of the folks on this thread seem to have completely lost it. Do people think that Walker and his allies have no support? That they're just crazy or pawns of the Koch brothers and no ordinary Wisconsites support him? Wow. Wake up people. This is a 50/50 fight, and if your will is so weak you'd take a poll like this as bad news, then frankly, get out of the way.

    Seems to me like we have one in the bank. Another with a severely damaged incumbent behind with a few weeks to go, with is nearly always terminal. And a third which will decide Senate control (barring an upset in one of the other races). Poor Ms. Moore better get ready. She's gonna be slimed beyond belief, because the other side side knows her district decides everything. I think this is a helluva lot of progress, considering these incumbents won in 2008 when Obama destroyed McCain in the state. Fight on, badgers! You've got my money.

    •  Our will is not weak. (2+ / 0-)
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      Sand Hill Crane, Matt Z

      Some of us are very new to this political stuff, personally, I never paid any attention to polls before this.  

    •  Yeah there's like two camps here (7+ / 0-)

      the first group is like wow, we're already leading in two races, and within a few points of the third seat that would give us control of the Senate?  Cool beans.  The second group is WHY AREN'T WE POLLING AHEAD BY 30 POINTS IN EVERY RACE?!

      I'll be honest, I had hoped to see us actually polling ahead in 3 or even 4 seats at this point, but I'm definitely encouraged by these numbers, not discouraged.  People forget, even getting this far is unprecedented.  Aside from Hopper, none of the Republicans have actually done anything personally scandalous.  They simply voted for Gov. Walker's anti-worker crap.  People forget how rare recall elections are, and especially how rare successful ones are.  We are also facing a bunch of experienced Republican incumbents who won in 2008, not random teabaggers who were dragged in to light-blue seats in 2010 by the red tide last year.  There was an illuminating chart posted a while back showing that aside from Kapanke, most of the low-hanging fruit in districts that Obama won by 10 points or more aren't even up for recall until next year.

      You think this year is exciting?  Just wait for 2012.

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