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View Diary: Eric Cantor's short bet reveals real GOP debt ceiling weakness (48 comments)

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    oin strike and length. But in a full blown meltdown, those contacts might not even settle, and even if they did, the currency they're aid in might be in freefall. So it's a pretty dumb risk, putting all your other eggs in the air, from a purely investment risk/reward deal.

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      chimpy, DarkSyde're going to let a default happen, even for a few days and you were holding August $35 calls, you'd likely make some very nice coin. But then you'd have to have some inside knowledge that would happen....heh.

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        were bond pices you'd want puts to bet on a crash. You mean interest rate calls right? Yes, you could absolutley make a nice short term gain on a big dip in bond prices that way. You might pyramid several times on a multi day move.

        Didn't politicians used to have to have their investments in ablind trusts? What happened to that very good idea?

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          DarkSyde, Odysseus

 an inverse fund. Basically it goes up when treasuries fall and yields rise so he'd want to be in calls. I trade the TBT off and on...if this silliness goes on much longer I'm jumping back in.

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