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    After having dealt with numerous Unfair Labor Practice charges and the NLRB while employed at Caterpillar in the 1990's, I am amazed that the NLRB has made any decisions.  While the National Labor Relations Act is designed to layout the ground rules for Labor and management, their are no teeth in the laws, because no one enforces them.  After the UAW had filed over 500 Unfair Labor Practice charges with the NLRB, Caterpillar came back to the bargaining table, not because of anything the NLRB did, but because it was costing them too much money in legal fees defending themselves against so many charges.  Since the National Labor Relations Act requires that Labor and management engage in "good faith bargaining," and because "good faith bargaining" has never been defined, management pays no attention to it, and for the most part gets away with it.  As far as Obama is concerned he is way to cozy with business leaders to have any opinion on this matter.

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