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View Diary: President Obama on the NLRB's complaint against Boeing (81 comments)

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    libertarian for labor?

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      I have voted for Libertarians from time to time because the official party philosophy promotes personal liberty and a military for defense -- not empire.   I never supported the party's view on unbridled laissez faire capitalism.  In fact, after the Libertarians declared that too much government regulation was the cause of the housing market meltdown, I repudiated that party -- despite my support for many of its positions.

      You see, I can learn, and I can recognize a con job.  Would that that were true of the vast majority of people who voted for Obama on the basis of his rhetoric, and now, having been shit upon repeatedly, are all to willing to continue supporting him.  It sort of reminds me of battered wife syndrome. I personally believe that Obama is worse than Bush because he is much more dishonest.


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