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View Diary: Obama challenges Republicans: Deficit deal must end millionaire and billionaire tax breaks (217 comments)

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  •  The usual Rushit rant from you (0+ / 0-)

    Long on bullshit, short on substance, never actually on point.

    But, do tell us all what a great "progressive" you are, again; that part of your bit is always good for a laugh.

    •  maybe you should go back to the other thread (0+ / 0-)

      and address the point i made on the administration's Medicaid Plan. if that was so long on bullshit, you weren't willing to put forth the time or effort to debunk any of that, and you responded to other responses well after i posted that. in fact this response is more of a caricature of the responses you were denouncing in the earlier thread.

      look dude, there's a long way to go towards the election, and the "anti-Obama VS pro-Obama" divide around here is only going to get nastier and more pronounced. there were people in the last thread saying that you were brainwashed and you aren't a real liberal, and all that shit. fuck them, because that's not helpful. what brought on those responses, however, was you saying that there was too much "progressive pearl-clutching" going on, and fuck you too, because that's also not helpful.

      pearl-clutching, couch-fainting, progressive wish-lists, Obamite, lemming, sucker, cheerleader, whatever. that kind of language is nothing but divisive and unhelpful.

      personally i'm not voting for Obama. however i can understand how many other people who don't necessarily like his policies will vote for him out of fear of his R challenger. personally, i won't do that, but i can understand that position and i don't see a need for a giant adversarial relationship between two liberal people like that. i'm going to vote for everything else, but not for Obama, not this time, so deal with it, and i'll deal with you encouraging Obama's behavior by voting for him again.

      and don't pretend my posts have no substance when my posts aren't just "how's the weather on planet Obama". there are some anti-Obama people like that here, but i'm not one of them, and i deserve a little more credit

      •  You didn't make a point, troll. (0+ / 0-)

        You spewed Rushit, just like you did here.  With no substance.  And, wide of the point.

        As anyone who actually read it would know.

        Now, why don't you run back to Free Republic and beg for your job back.  Your particular brand of bullshit really isn't needed here.

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