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  •  fool me once... (none)
    on 10th march, nyt had the following:

    NYT: Bush Administration Advises Israel to Be Quiet on Lebanese Politics
    Eran Lehrman, a former Israeli intelligence officer who directs the Israel
    office of the American Jewish Committee, said that the Israeli elite is
    traditionally divided along the same lines as Washington: the
    stability-seekers versus those who seek profound change........ 5624cc0d5d58a5&ei=5070

    afghanistan, iraq, the syria, iran, lebanon?  and i haven't even included the occupied palestinians!

    the people of the west, as opposed to the oil and money elites, need to ask:

    is our bottomless appetite for fossil fuels worth the blowback from people in the middle east who are all too well aware of the symbiotic relationship between the west and israel? and i don't mean just the US and israel.

    it's very useful to all the western powers to have a hyper-patriotic american public, willing to put it's mostly- minority military on the front line in order to maintain an outdated, unsustainable fossil fuel economy. refuse to be the west's bully boy and you will be truly the land of the brave and the free...

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