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View Diary: "Outing" the Neocons: The Office of Special Plans (14 comments)

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  •  Wow, gorilla in the room, (none)
    I just saw your blog and its purpose line "shattering the taboo on Discussion of Israel's "'Agents of Influence.'"

    You should go about this differently.

    First, 1 of your most important points is how these folks come from the most hard-right of Israel's policy advocates. Before your diary, I was not aware of just how far over to the right (the Israeli right, that is) they were.  That is an interesting point, and one that I think the media would eventually, gradually, pick up on and yes, write about.

    It's interesting because a large spectrum of opinion in that country (and among Jews in America) is less hawkish, more compromising than these folks, and wants to create a peaceable solution for both sides, the Palestinians and the Jews. So the neocons represent a segment, not a middle ground, of Israeli policy thinkers.

    Your emphasis, and wording, of agents of influence is disappointing.  In a big way. It plays into the attacks against this religious group as being a cabal that's running things everywhere: the money, the banks, the government. In fact, Bush's Cabinet is the first in the longest time to not have one member who is Jewish. Instead, the most visible influence of Jews in government has been in the unfortunate area of foreign adventurism.

    So you should retrace your steps and think where you want your observations to lead to. Because if you watch the conservative whipping boys on tv, they already sneer when they mention "power elites" and any Democratic fundraiser who is Jewish, like Streisand or Soros. Their use of the word elite is code.

    I have never seen meaner representations of Christmas season than this year, when every media outlet whipped up hysteria about "Christmas under attack," supposedly. A season of peace and celebration became a season of divisiveness and accusation. A mean season I wasn't expecting.

    So the world is turning inside out already in this county, and it's being pulled this way by right-wing media and in pushes for religious prominence "in the public square."

    I don't know how you're planning to add this to the mix now. The kindling is starting to smolder now. So think it through. Look at what you plan to accomplish. There is widespread knowledge already that there's a vocal influential group of neocons, Wolfowitz, Perle et al. with sway with Cheney, Rumsfeld and Bush.

    Last, you should think hard about using your name instead of anonymity. Especially if your name is fairly common. Or use an initial instead or full first name. Omit any reference to your location or region or specifics of background. I imagine you will survive any notoriety you might create.

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