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  •  NV-02: NRCC hedging for ballot royale? (2+ / 0-)
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    itskevin, MichaelNY

    I suspect the NRCC isn't worried too much about losing this seat in a one-on-one, but rather is hedging its bet in case the state Supreme Court reinstates ballot royale.  If it's a free-for-all then Marshall is no worse than a tossup to win, and they need to start now knocking her down.

    Agree it's a good ad.  The reality is that the debt ceiling isn't a spending mandate, that was done by the appropriation C.R. that prevented the shutdown.  Rather, the debt ceiling is simply a decision to go ahead and make the payments already owed under the appropriation act.  But ordinary people don't know this, and the NRCC's deception in this ad will work.

    The real question is how much do NV-02 voters care about this?  I do believe they care somewhat about federal spending, it's not either/or on voter concerns about jobs vs. spending as a lot of the left mistakenly seems to believe.  Voters care a lot more about jobs, yes, and cutting spending only hurts the recovery, but plenty of swing voters don't realize that and still care also about spending as a concern.  The median NV-02 voter is clearly to the right of the median American voter, so this ad could resonate.

    The DCCC won't play here, I'm sure, unless ballot royale is reinstated.  And if it is, I bet they play hard, at least behind the scenes at first and much later on the air.

    43, male, Indian-American, married and proud father of a girl and a boy, Democrat, VA-10

    by DCCyclone on Thu Jun 30, 2011 at 07:16:43 AM PDT

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