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  •  DNC numbers (0+ / 0-)

    While the DNC numbers will be driven primarily by donations from big money donors (maybe 90+%), they aren't entirely from fundraisers. The DNC is running a grassroots donor program with calls to small money donors asking for recurring contributions. This will give them a few (tens of?) thousands of dollars.

    •  Yeah, but that's not relevant to this discussion (0+ / 0-)

      Perhaps what I said is confusing, but my point was that the money Obama is raising from rich people that includes big DNC bucks is not the proper metric for setting expectations of Obama's Q2 numbers, because he is raising so much for the personal campaign from Obama-only donors.

      My point is that if Obama set a $60 million combined goal, I wouldn't expect he reports 20 for himself and 40 for the DNC.  Rather, I bet he raises 40-50 for himself, and 10-30 for the DNC.  Just rough ballpark guesses on the numbers themselves, but you see my point.

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