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  •  This stance by DOE is extraordinarily important (2+ / 0-)
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    Glinda, Black Max

    I don't mean to seem to be campaigning in this diary. But the Obama's usage of Title IX to take on schools that are permissive towards anti-gay bullying is novel but legitimate, and extraordinarily important. This interpretation of Title IX by the Obama administration  began pretty much as soon as Obama came into office. They stepped in in another lawsuit pretty early on. The scrutiny of Obama's record on gay rights is fair and necessary, but his administration has done more than any administration before him. And on this issue he's been out front, even beating gay groups to the punch, because before his administration took this stance I can't recall any gay group suggesting to use Title IX like this.

    I've been in a twenty-one year long relationship, and marriage is becoming increasingly important to me as the time goes by, so I too urge Obama to "evolve already." But between this, hospital visitation rights, DADT repeal, and Hate Crimes, his administration deserves our support even as we challenge him on marriage. And we should. We have every right to.

    However, if the DOE is able to set precedent with its interpretation of Title IX in the courts, it will ultimately save lives like Seth's. For that, Obama will have my enthusiastic support.

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