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View Diary: The illegality of the proposed North Carolina map (89 comments)

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    That should work, I think. It actually sounds a lot like one of my proposals from way back when on SSP.

    They'd obviously have to abandon the 'sacrosanct' I-85 configuration of NC-12, which they should've done to begin with.

    My long answer is that they seem to be attempting to navigate the VRA minefield by asserting that they're 'just' following the basic format of the 2001 Democratic mapping scheme along with some kind of incumbent-protection argument based on the fact that all the incumbents remain in their respective districts, even though anyone can plainly see this is not an incumbent-protection scheme. Throw in their super-conscientious, ultra-fair consultation with the black congressmen, and that's basically their defense.

    My short answer is that if they drop all that, it should work.

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